About Us

The Wachuku Foundation for Humanitarian Aid (WFHA) is a not-for-profit organization, based in Rochester, New York. We move families from drug and crime-ridden areas to better neighborhoods. The purpose is to provide equal social, economic and educational opportunities for their families.

We want to able to place their children in good schools, and live in an environment where they can contribute to the social fabric of communities where families are invested and grounded. We believe that children are the “social security” for when their parents become elderly. We receive an overwhelming number of inquiries from people in need of assistance. The women we have worked with share amazing stories about the improvements made in their lives; they can talk about how happy they are in their new homes, knowing that their kids are safe and attending quality schools. One day the parents themselves will become economically self sufficient.

WFHA’s second mission is to ensure that refugees entering the region can adjust and that their cultural needs are met. The goal is to help each refugee and ensure that his or her family overcomes the patent and latent effects of cultural shock. Furthermore, we aim to improve the quality of life and help them make the adjustment and assimilation to the community smoother.

Our third mission is to assist women and their children achieve economic self sufficiency. Training will focus on the following areas: Computer Data processing, Writing, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Economics, Electronics, Business, Health Care Services and Nursing, Home Care, Carpentry Plumbing, Car Repair, and Agriculture.